Nov 17, 2015

F(x)- 4 Walls

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F(x) - 4 walls (released in October, 2015)

감정이란 (G14)
emotion called flower

짧은 순간 피어나는 걸 (G14,50-1)
short moment blooms
( The flower that is called emotion blooms in a short moment.)

티끌 하나 / 없이
Speck of dust one / without
( Without one speck of dust )

완벽했던 시작을 넘어 (G34)
perfect beginning overcome
( It overcomes its beginning that was perfect.)

낯선 파란 이 파고들어 (G14)
unfamiliar blue light penetrates
( An unfamiliar blue light penetrates.)

어지럽힌 건 mysteric (G14)
Disturbed thing mysteric
(It is mysteric thing that disturbed me.)

깜짝할 그 순간 (G43)
eye flicker that moment
( That moment that surprises me, )

깊숙한 까지  / 번져버린 란 Blue  (G14,56)
deep place to / spread you called Blue
(Blue which is called 'you' spreads to the deep place .)

소리 없이 / 다가 와
sound without  / approach
( You silently approach me.)

내게만 / 펼쳐낸 신기루 (G14)
to me only / spread mirage
( A mirage that is spread before only me)

단어)  감정: emotion,  A(이)란 B: B which is called A  꽃: flower,   짧다: to be short , 순간: moment ,  피어나다: to bloom,  티끌: a speck of dust ,  N 없이: without N,  완벽하다: to be perfect ,  시작: beginning,  넘다: to overcome,  낯설다: to be unfamiliar ,   파랗다: to be blue,  빛: light ,   파고들다: to penetrate , 어지럽히다: to disturb,  건: thing ( a short from of 것은, 것: thing, 은: topic marker), 눈 깜짝하다: to be surprised ( 눈: eyes, 깜짝하다: to flicker)  그: that,   깊숙하다: to be deep,  곳: place , N까지: to / until N , 번지다: to spread ,  너: you (casual),  소리: sound , 다가오다: to approach,  내게: to me (casual),  N만: only N , 펼쳐내다: to spread , 신기루: mirage

Love is 4 Walls

로 / 채운 Mirror mirror (G40,14)
you with /filled mirror
( The mirror that’s filled up by you)

Love is 4 Walls

신비로운 미로 미로 (G14)
( The mysterious maze, maze)

단어) 너: you ( casual) , 채우다: to fill, 신비롭다: to be mysterious, 미로: maze

앞에 / 피어난 을 열어 (G14)
eye in front / bloomed door open
( Open the door that bloomed in front of my eyes.)

조심스레 을 향해 을 디뎌
carefully light toward foot step
( Step on foot carefully toward the light.)

And I had the answers
but now they mean nothing
cuz these walls caught me here with something

을 열고 열수록 (G3,68)
new door open and again open as
(As I open the door again and again)
점점 더 커지는 만이 가득한 4 Walls (G6,14)
bit by bit  more growing big you only filled 4 walls
( The 4 walls that grow bigger with only you)

또 다른 색깔의 New walls  (G14,7)
Another  color's new walls

깊이 빠져드는 New world (G6)
deeply falling new world
( New World that I’m falling deeper into)

단어) 눈: eyes,  N 앞에: in front of N, 조심스레: carefully,  빛: light,  N 향해: toward N,  발을 디디다: to step on foot  (발: foot),  새: new,  문: door,  열다: to open,  또: again, 점점: bit by bit , 더: more , 커지다: to grow big,  넌: you (casual, a short form of 너는, 너: you, 는: topic marker),  N만: only N  가득하다: to be filled,  또 다르다: to be another,  색깔: color,  깊이: deeply,  빠져들다: to fall into,

‘ 반짝’  빛이 나
‘ a flash’  shine
( A light flashes.)

잠시라도 을 뗄 수 없어 (G1)
I  a moment even eyes take off can’t
( I can’t take my eyes off for even a moment.)
You (are) beautiful

투명하게 날 그려내던 거울 속엔 (G34)
transparently  me drew out mirror in
( In the mirror that drew me out transparently)

내가 아닌 가 비춰 와 (G14)
I not you shine
( You who are not me shine.)

마주친 그 순간 (G14)
eye met that moment
( The moment I met your eyes)

내게 / 미소 지어
to me / smile
( You smile at me.)

심장이미 Blue
My heart (is) already Blue

숨을 내쉴 때마다 (G43)
breathe out every time
( Every time I breathe out)

새롭게 보이는 신기루 (G6)
newly seen mirage
( The mirage that I see differently)

단어) 반짝: a mimetic word indicating  a flash of light,  빛이 나다: to shine, 난: I (casual, a short form of 나는, 나: I, 는: topic marker) , 잠시: a moment,  N(이)라도: even,  눈을 떼다: to take off eyes ( 눈: eyes) ,  넌 : you (casual, a short form of 너는, 너: I, 는: topick marker),  아름답다: to be beautiful,  투명하게: transparently , 날: me (casual), 그려 내다: to draw something out , 거울: mirror,  N 속에: in ( inside) N ,   내가: I (causal)  아니다: to be not , 니: you (casual) , 비춰오다: to shine ,  눈 마주치다: to meet eyes ( 눈: eyes), 그: that  , 순간: moment ,  내게: to me (casual),  미소 짓다: to smile,  내: my ( casual) ,  심장: heart,  이미: already,   숨 내쉬다: to breathe out ( 숨: a breath),  때마다: every time,  새롭게: newly, 보이다: to be seen,  신기루: mirage,

Love is 4 Walls

너로 / 채운 Mirror mirror (G40,14)
you with /filled mirror
( The mirror that’s filled up by you)

Love is 4 Walls

신비로운 미로 미로 (G14)
(The mysterious maze, maze)

You've got to show show me (x2 )

단어) 너: you ( casual) , 채우다: to fill, 신비롭다: to be mysterious, 미로: maze
내게 / 보여 줘
more to me  / show
( Show me more.)

커다란 니  (G14)
big your arms in
( In your big arms )

놀라운 Fantasy (G14)
Surprising fantasty

알아갈수록 (G68)
you (I) get to know the more
( The more I get to know you,)

헤어날 수 없는 걸 (G1,50)
escape can't
( I can’t escape.)

어디든 좋으니 (G39)
Wherever good because
( Because wherever is good,)

세계 끝까지
this world end till
( Till the end of the world)

데려가 줘 (G28)
Take me there , please

을 뻗은 그 순간 (G14)
hand spread out  that moment
( The moment I spread out my hand)

파란 파도처럼 (G14)
blue sea waves like
( Like blue sea waves)

일렁이는 란 Blue  (G6)
swaying  you called Blue
( Swaying Blue that is called you )

bit by bit more color in
( You color in more and more.)

선명히 빛나는 신기루 (G6)
clearly shining mirage

단어)  더: more,  내게: to me,  보여주다: to show  , 커다랗다: to be big ,  니: your, you (casual),  품: arms,  N 속: in, inside N,  놀랍다: to be surprising ,  널: you (casual, a short form of 너를 ,너: you, 를: object marker)  알아가다: to get to know,  헤어나다 : to escape,  어디든: wherever,  좋다: to be good,  이: this , 세계: world,  끝: end,   N까지: till N   데려가다: to take someone to a place  , 손: hand(s),  뻗다: to spread out,  그: that ,  순간: a moment ,  파랗다: to be blue, 파도: sea waves, N처럼: like N ,  일렁이다: to sway,  너: you ( casual),  A(이)란 B: B which is called A, 점점: bit by bit,   더: more,  물들여오다: to color in,  선명히: clearly,  빛나다: to shine,  신기루: mirage

Love.. Love..

Love is 4 Walls

너로 / 채운 Mirror mirror (G40,14)
you with /filled mirror
( The mirror that’s filled up by you)

Love is 4 Walls

신비로운 미로 미로 (G14)
(The mysterious maze, maze)

아름다워 Ooh-
Beautiful ooh~
아름다워 Ooh-
Beautiful ooh~

신비로운 미로 (G14)
The mysterious maze

단어) 너: you ( casual) , 채우다: to fill, 신비롭다: to be mysterious, 미로: maze  , 아름답다: to be beautiful

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