Korean Tutoring Info

Thank you for being interested in learning Korean by Skype or in person. Here are several things about me.

1. Are you a native Korean?

Yes, I was born and grew up in Seoul where I am living right now. I graduated from University of Seoul and am a certified Korean and English teacher with 8 years of teaching experience. 

2. How do you teach? 

What I do best is that I can lead lessons to what you need whether it's a daily conversation or business Korean or TOPIK. I prefer conversational approach and use books, picture cards , vocabulary quizzes , TV news , and K-POP lyrics depending on your level and interests. Currently, I have a Facebook page as well where you can get the latest updates in your newsfeed. 
( http://www.facebook.com/koreanthroughkpop

Also, my Chinese skill is intermediate (HSK level 4). This will definitely help you understand the formation of Korean words because 70% of them are based on Chinese characters. I lived in Shanghai and Beijing for a year to study and work for an international freight forwarding company before.

3. How many students do you have?

I have 7 private students in total. Their occupations are various such as English teachers, office workers, students, etc.

4. Can you offer a free trial lesson?

Hour rate : Please drop me a message. 
I can offer you a free trial first so you can decide if you want to work with me or not.  Please visit my personal Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/seo.eunha ) or Instagarm ( ID : seo.eunha) and drop me a message for more information. 

5.  Do you have anything more to say?

I am very serious at teaching, so I won't let you waste your time and money. I always give you homework and test you. I feel proud of myself when I see their Korean improving. I always do my best. 

Also, I offer English-Korean translation and Life service for foreigners living in Seoul. I helped a few foreigners find an apartment , buy a car,  visit a hospital , go through some legal process , tour in Korea , and get some general advice about manners,  culture , dating , and living in Korea.

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